Pieces - world rank 12



First of all, you should have a stable connection, a computer suited for raiding, high punctuality and the ability to attend every single raid during progress. If you cannot live up to this, we’re simply not interested in you.


We are looking for people who are truly passionate about the game and interested in continuously improving tier by tier. You should constantly be asking what you can do to improve yourself, and thus the guild, both as a player and as a person.


Having a working microphone is a must. You should participate in discussions on Teamspeak and on the forums outside raiding hours as well, and you must be able to coordinate with your fellow raiders when the situation demands it.


As a progress-oriented guild we expect you to learn quickly from not only your mistakes, but the mistakes of others. You should be the master of your class and are expected to have a deep understanding of your specs.

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